Sunday, September 15, 2019

Quick Tip - Hot Fix Update for Windows Template Studio Now Available

Hello, fellow Windows devs. I will be back with some fresh UWP developer tips soon! In the meantime, here is a quick tip if you use Windows Template Studio and have the Visual Studio 2019 Preview installed on your machine.

Last week, Windows Template Studio version 3.4.19254.01 was released to address two issues specific to the VS2019 Preview.

  • Issue #3295 - Relates to adding an MVVM Light app to a Windows Template Studio project.
  • Issue #3309 - An error occurs when generating a project with the default selections.

There are no workarounds listed for either issue. Although both are specific to VS2019 Preview and seem to be limited in the scope of their problems, I like to patch my dev software as fixes become available. You can install this update whether you're running WTS with VS2017 or VS2019 Release/Preview.

You can either get the VSIX for the release here or if you have Windows Template Studio installed, open the Visual Studio Extensions dialog and check for updates. The source code for the release is also available for download if you want to have a peek under the hood.

Happy coding!