Friday, April 27, 2018

Microsoft Build 2018 - Interesting Sessions for Windows Developers

Microsoft Build 2018 is coming in just a few days, and the sessions have been published. While I am unable to attend this year, I plan to watch the keynote live and many of the other recorded sessions later in the week.

I decided to browse the session listings and start building a list of the ones that interest me as a Windows developer. Here is what I have so far, in no particular order.

THR2407-1 - Amazing experiences and how to build them – from the people building showcases and demos - Part 1
THR2407-2 - Amazing experiences and how to build them – from the people building showcases and demos - Part 2

Microsoft technologies enable end to end experiences that help you build successful solutions to empower your users at home and at work. Presented in the #ifdef WINDOWS format, this zero-slide, fast paced demo session will show you why and how some of these new technologies such as Microsoft Graph, Progressive Web Apps, Fluent Design, Windows Machine Learning, Mixed reality, new cloud services (and much more) can work together to extend your application to reach new users and increase user productivity. Watch the promo here.

TSP2107 - Bringing cloud powered UI to Windows 10 XAML applications

The Windows 10 platform team is exploring the developer landscape of bringing cloud powered UI content natively to Windows 10 applications and how ReactNative as a model fits into that overall story. We would like to share some early sneak peaks and get your feedback on what you would like to see as platform investments in this space.

BRK3503 - Creating Innovative Experiences for Fluent Design using the Visual Layer

Explore how to create engaging Windows applications by incorporating effects, animations, and new types of content that form the building blocks for the Fluent Design System. This session showcases new platform capabilities that enable you to craft innovative 2D and 3D experiences using volumetric objects, vector graphics, depth, motion, lights, and materials. Learn how to bring differentiated UI to your application, tailored for a wide range of Windows devices.

TSP2108 - Open source and backward compatibility for the Windows 10 XAML framework

The Windows 10 platform team is considering updating our engineering process to release parts of the Windows 10 XAML / Fluent UI framework as open source packages that provide backward compatibility for a wider range of Windows 10 versions. We would like to share some options we’re considering and get feedback on what would be most useful to you.

TSP2109 - What could be next for the Windows Community Toolkit

The Windows Community Toolkit continues to grow, with packages that extend to new areas of Windows development being added with each new release. Join us as we envision where else we can partner with the community and what could the toolkit do in 6 months and beyond.

BRK2423 - What's New for Windows UX Developers: Fluent and XAML

Join us for a lap around the new innovations coming to the Windows ux platform this year. Catch up on the latest UWP APIs and how you can use familiar technologies like XAML and C# to build experiences that leverage the Fluent Design System to captivate your customers and maximize their productivity. This must-see session will cover improvements in ux fundamentals; new controls for navigation, commanding, collections, and forms; enhancements to developer productivity; and more!

TSP2112 - Windows Template Studio

Windows Template Studio continues to add new features and abilities. We're always looking to help prioritize and validate big work items such as additional frameworks and platforms. Join us as we envision where else we can partner with the community and what could the toolkit do in 6 months and beyond.

BRK2401 - Adaptive Cards in Bots, Windows, Outlook and your own applications

Adaptive Cards is a new, simple yet highly capable declarative format that makes it a breeze to display rich card-like interfaces in any application. Learn how Bots, Windows and Outlook use the power of Adaptive cards to showcase information from applications like yours. Using the same technology, your application can do the same to help create interactive and actionable experiences that are both engaging and can simplify business processes across your organization.

TSP2101 - Build hybrid applications faster and better on Windows

This sessions explores the patterns, tools and frameworks that developers utilize to build Hybrid Applications on Windows. We will talk about the platform and tooling updates we could potentially make to improve the overall Hybrid App development experience on Windows. If you are a desktop app developer leveraging a combination of technology stacks like web, native (UWP, WPF), React, etc. , stop by and share your thoughts on what we can do to help you be more productive.

BRK2412 Developing for Sets on Windows 10

Sets helps users be more productive by helping them to focus better and to pick up where they left off. Learn how Windows automatically integrates your apps with Sets to help users be more productive, and learn about opportunities to enrich your Windows applications to provide even more engaging experiences through User Activities, branded tab visuals, and new windowing features. Make your applications amazing in Sets!

BRK2413 Fluent Design: Evolving our Design System

Microsoft has continued to evolve the Fluent Design System’s set of controls, patterns, principles and design guidance since its debut at Build 2017. Get a hands-on look at how 1st-party Microsoft experiences are taking advantage of the system and empowering their users to achieve more by crafting experiences that are natural on each device, intuitive, powerful, engaging, and immersive. Come learn how you can build experiences with the latest Fluent Design features to help your users do more in our multi-device, multi-sensory world.

BRK3501 Modernizing Desktop Apps on Windows 10

Come learn about the future of your WPF & Windows Forms applications. Windows, .NET and Visual Studio are making it easy to incrementally modernize your existing applications with Windows 10 features. Containerize your application for compatibility and installation isolation and begin integrating new Windows 10 UI features with just a few clicks in Visual Studio. Modern applications are deeply connected to the people you work with and know which devices you’re using. We will cover the ways the Microsoft Graph allow your existing application to connect users and help them complete tasks as well.

BRK2432 MSIX: Inside and Out

MSIX is the future of app installation building on top of and fully compatible with existing appx mechanisms. It provides a cross-platform, down level compliant, enterprise class installer with benefits ranging from existing LOB apps, distribution through the Microsoft Store, Store for Business, or other custom distribution methods. Come see why MSIX brings the best of MSI, Click Once, App-V and APPX together for your customers and business.

THR3306 Tying it all together – Modernizing Enterprise Applications

Enterprise developers face many challenges in today's environment as many applications are planning for capabilities and growth via the cloud.  This session will show you how to make sure your application is architected to continue working on the desktop on-prem as well as move to the cloud and easily add new device endpoints when you are ready.  We will also cover new tooling in VS that helps you start new projects on the right track or update existing probjects with containers, REST interfaces, and accessing data in the cloud.

...and a few to indulge my Mac and Xamarin interests.

THR2021 Visual Studio for Mac Tips & Tricks

Visual Studio for Mac is the Microsoft IDE natively designed for the Mac. You get everything you need for mobile, web, game and cloud development with C# and F#, with rich support for Xamarin, .NET Core, Unity and Azure development. In this session, come hang out with Jordan as he takes you through tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Visual Studio for Mac. This one's for beginners and experts alike!

BRK2152 What's new with Visual Studio for Mac

Visual Studio for Mac launched last year at Build as the Microsoft IDE natively designed for the Mac. Since then, regular releases have added improvements and features for .NET Core 2.0, Azure Functions, Docker, and more. Join us in this session to get a whirlwind tour of what is new and also learn about what’s coming in Visual Studio for Mac to make .NET developers even more productive on the Mac.

BRK2437 - What’s new in Xamarin.Forms 3.0

Xamarin.Forms enables you to build a native UI for multiple platforms with one shared C# and XAML codebase. Simply put, if you know C# then you already know how to build Android, iOS, and Windows apps. In this session come find out what is new, next, and absolutely awesome in Xamarin.Forms 3.0.

If you're not attending Build this year, be sure to catch it online. If you are attending live in Seattle, then I'm super-jealous! Enjoy your week of learning and networking!