Thursday, October 12, 2017

UWP News - UWP in FCU Supports .NET Standard 2.0

Big news this week for UWP developers. If your app is targeting Windows 10.0.16299 (the Fall Creators Update), you can now access ~20,000 APIs that were added as part of .NET Standard 2.0.

The announcement was made during Windows Developer Day on Tuesday, and a .NET Blog post by Rich Lander and Immo Landwerth dives into some of the details.

In order to use .NET Standard 2.0 in UWP, you need to target Fall Creators Update (FCU) as the minimum version of your UWP project. That’s because .NET Standard 2.0 contains many APIs that require FCU to make them work in the context of the UWP execution environment, specifically AppContainer.

To get started, go upgrade to the Fall Creators Update, get the new Windows SDK and the new build of Visual Studio 2017 (v15.4). Get started building new UWP apps or updating your existing apps to support the FCU features and .NET Standard 2.0. Microsoft is offering some great prizes in a new contest to encourage Windows developers to target the FCU, including a Surface Studio. Get the contest details here.

Landwerth has also updated his .NET Standard Selector website to include .NET Standard and UWP. If you are unsure of which platforms are supported by each version of .NET Standard, check out this handy reference.

Happy coding!

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