Tuesday, September 26, 2017

UWP App Tips Recommended Video - Bringing Your WinForms/WPF Investments Forwards with UWP/.NET Standard 2.0

The UWP Community Toolkit tips series will continue later this week. Today's post is a video that I recommend to all Windows developers.

Last week, Microsoft's Channel 9 hosted the online virtual 3-day conference, .NET Conf. The conference covered topics ranging from ASP.NET Core to Xamarin to Visual Studio tooling and lots more. I recommend you go check out all of the sessions to see what interests you. Last I checked, there were 45 videos available for the conference.

The one video I wanted to call out for UWP and all other Windows developers is titled Bringing Your WinForms/WPF Investments Forwards with UWP/.NET Standard 2.0. This session was presented by Chris Barker and Daniel Jacobson is described as:

.NET Standard 2.0 with Visual Studio 2017 makes it even easier to bring your WinForms/WPF investments to the Universal Windows Platform - enabling you to reach new audiences and easily deliver a modern user experience, all whilst continuing to service your existing user base. This session will introduce you to the benefits of .NET Standard 2.0, and walk you through the process for extending the reach of your app efficiently.
The hosts are very engaging and I think this session is yet another indicator that Microsoft is standing firm on their position that UWP is the way forward for all Windows app development.While large legacy code bases on WinForms and WPF may not ever migrate to UWP. I work for a company with a mix of WPF, WinForms and MFC which is unlikely to take this path. However, it is a real possibility for many WPF and some WinForms applications, especially those which are smaller non-enterprise applications.

Enjoy the video and don't forget to peruse the rest of them on Channel 9!

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